Thomas Safety is your partner to comply the IMO regulations for the environment challenge

Increasing global awareness of environmental contamination and air pollution has drawn attention to the shipping industry’s contribution to the problem, prompting governments and environmental organizations to impose stricter standards and regulations on shipping emissions.

To significantly reduce the detrimental phenomenon, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulates pollutant emissions in marine transportation and requires each vessel to comply with strict regulations, periodic inspections and operations approvals.

The legislation set out by the IMO came into force in January 2015 for SOx control and in 2016 for NOx. In order to analyze equipment efficiency, ship yards, ship owners and marine scrubber manufacturers must equip vessels with an SO2/NOx/CO2 continuous exhaust gas monitoring system and a PAH/turbidity/temperature monitoring system in the wash water discharge system.

We provide the complete solution

Thomas Safety provides state-of-the-art systems for monitoring and reducing emissions according to IMO regulations and fully meets DNV-GL requirements in strict accordance with Annex VI of MARPOL73/7.

Our Thomas Safety–Modcon Systems partnership merges extensive professional experience, providing a complete solution for environmental monitoring, process analysis and turnkey services for the marine industry and port authorities, all of which are provided  globally

Customer service is the primary function of our complete solution. We offer our support programs for comprehensive maintenance and ongoing technical support. The program’s objective is to provide the resources to keep the complete customer’s system on line with minimized down time. The program includes three different support options – basic, advanced and premium.

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The MOD-1006 Marine Emissions Monitoring System is a complete measuring system with analyzers, sample conditioning and data acquisition with PC incorporated within the single cabinet. The system comprises infra-red analyzers and advanced sample conditioning assembly to produce accurate and reliable measurement for CO2, NOx and SO2.


The MOD-C4000 scrubber wash water solution includes monitoring systems at both discharge outlets after scrubber. Two special sensor modules can be verified and/or calibrated on-site using certified standards. The complete two-sensor system has achieved marine type approval for monitoring of all parameters – PAH, turbidity, PH, temperature.