Real-time safety operations management & tracking

Managing safety requirements, meeting evolving safety standards, periodically inspecting, replacing and maintaining safety equipment, documenting safety events and certification, require continuous application and access to data in real time.

As your partner in limiting risk exposure – preventing accidents effectively, handling safety events proficiently, and ensuring environmental health – we enable you to monitor all safety operations documentation for your industry’s activities.

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TRACKSAFETY™  Real-time data at your fingertips

We provide our customers with tailored and secure access to a simple, user-friendly interface that enables real-time monitoring for all safety operations documentation. 

Our advanced cloud-based solution for operations management and tracking, covers all safety documentation and compliance requirements from anywhere and any time.

  • Track the status of regulatory documentation and certification
  • Document and track events and tasks
  • Report and track equipment faults and breakdowns
  • Reminders and alerts for preventive maintenance
  • Manage equipment and inventory
  • Issue customized reports
  • Document third-party service calls and work permits
  • Assign tasks
  • Coordinate compliance validation, quality control activity and surveys