Meet your safety and environment needs with end-to-end service​


Thomas Safety provides a full range of services and equipment
so that your operations can continuously meet environment, safety and emergency compliance requirements.

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Turnkey services & products​

Based on years of experience and partnerships with the world’s leading service and equipment suppliers, Thomas Safety offers you top-notch, turnkey safety, environment and compliance solutions for marine, industry, and offshore energy operations.

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✓ Time saving. Put an end to the endless search and interaction with multiple service providers, suppliers, vendors, regulatory agencies.

✓ Cost efficiency. Continuous and punctual service to prevent delays in your operations scheduling, production cycles and customer service.

✓ Accessible & available. One point of contact and punctual response from certified professionals for all your inquiries and needs.

✓ Customized. Flexible scope of products and services adapted to meet your specific requirements.

✓ Stay on top of compliance. We’ve got you covered so you never fail to meet evolving regulatory and compliance requirements.

Working with Us

Thomas Safety has established partnerships with world-leading service providers and best-in-class safety equipment manufacturers, so that we can offer you global end-to-end service and availability.

All your safety, emergency, control, environment and compliance needs are covered in a customized package.

  • Safety, emergency and control equipment
  • Technical support
  • Compliance validation
  • Online operational control

Your Investment

What will you have to invest to work with Thomas Safety
and have your entire safety, environment and compliance needs covered?

Your team will be spending far less time handling safety operations, so nothing there really. You’ll just be saving.

Our overall full-service pricing is comparable to the sum of those offered by the multiple equipment suppliers and service providers you may already be working with.

Tomer CEO


Tomer Mualem established Thomas Safety following extensive experience serving the marine industry.

Handling the diverse and often complex safety and compliance requirements that his customers were facing, he identified the need for a truly reliable end-to-end service.

To oversee worldwide operations for marine, industrial and offshore needs, Tomer has built up a powerhouse of experienced professionals, certified personnel and advisors, alongside internationally renowned service and equipment providers.

Thomas Safety’s goal is to provide turnkey, customized and consistent service, global availability, and quality solutions to meet all of its customers’ safety and compliance requirements.