The “Combi-Analyzer” ULTRAMAT 6 combines the features of the ULTRAMAT 6 and OXYMAT 6 in one analyzer in a 19″ rack design.

Most frequently used for demanding applications, the ULTRAMAT 6 must meet high standards with regard to reliability and measuring quality. This is guaranteed by modern electronics, ease of operation and a physical element that is adapted to the measuring task.

Up to two infrared active components and oxygen can be measured in a single analyzer. The use of optical couplers and optical filters in the IR physics increases the selectivity and means that, in many cases, the analyzers can be used for measurements even in complex gas mixtures. It also guarantees measurements of lower concentrations and lower detection limits.

The OXYMAT – Physics is based on the measurement of oxygen using the paramagnetic effect by the alternating pressure method. This guarantees perfect linearity and allows parameterization of minimal measuring ranges of 0 to 0.5 % (detection limit 50 ppm) up to 0 to 100 % or even 99,5 to 100 % in a single device.

Single-channel or dual-channel

Operating according to the NDIR two-beam alternating light principle

Highly selective measurement of gas concentration

Proven reliability in maritime environments

Typical applications: Reliable SO2 and CO2 monitoring with the Siemens continuous gas analyzer flagship for full compliance with MARPOL Annex VI of vessels using economic sulfur scrubber solution

Optional monitoring of NO, O2 and CO

Retrofits and new builds

  • Max. number of components: 2 IR + O2
  • Components : O2 and IR-active components
  • Smallest measuring range : 0-0,5 % O2 and IR Component-specific: 0-5 / 0-100 ppm
  • Housing : 19“ rack unit
  • Layer detector: Highly selective double-layer detector
  • Accuracy: Stable and precise measurement on vessels
  • Corrosion-resistant gas path: Yes
  • Cleanable sample cells: Yes