CAT No.   2188VRC

Visor made of polycarbonate 2.25 mm thick

High mechanical and chemical resistance

Protection against high-speed particle impact; extreme temperatures (BT); molten metal splashing; and hot solids (9)

Wide field of view (180°), with curved structure (better performance against impact) and chin protection, with excellent optical quality (class 1)

Ultraviolet UV radiation protection

Characteristics: Face shield for mechanical hazards (projections, molten metal splashing and hot solids) and radiation hazards (ultraviolet UV)

Uses and functions: For activities with risk of projections (metal, wood, stone) and molten metal splashing (chemical industry, smelting, furnaces)

  • Protective panel material: Polycarbonate
  • Protective panel color: Transparent
  • PP Device : Yes
  • Optical quality: Class
  • BT protection: Yes
  • Ultraviolet UV: Yes
EN 166 EN 170