CAT No.   NC1000

Portable combustible gas detector, selectable gas target from a list of 25 gases.

Gas can be sampled faster or longer distance with higher pump rate

Pump speed selectable from 0.35L/min to 0.6L/min

Safety rating ExiaⅡCT4 allows users to detect a gas at Zone 0 hazardous area where explosion hazards always exists

Water proof, dust proof construction for outdoor use meets IP67 rating

H2S removal filter, silicone removal filter can be installed in standard gas sampling probe

  • Gas detected: Combustible gas (CH4, HC etc. Refer to the gas list)
  • Detection range: 0-1000 ppm
  • Sampling method: Sample-draw, flow rate > 0.3L/min (Approx. 0.6L/min for pump boosting mode)
  • Alarm type: Gas alarms, trouble alarms
  • Preset alarms: 1st: 250ppm、 2nd: 500ppm
  • Display of alarm: Flashing LED, buzzer
  • Power source: 4 AA alkaline battery
  • Continuous operation: CH4 version: Approx. 15 hours / HC version: Approx. 20 hours (New battery, no alarm and no light, at 25℃, pump Low mode)
  • Dimensions : 80.1 mm (W), 124 mm (H), 36 mm (D)
  • Weight: Approx. 260g (exclude alkaline battery)
  • Operating temperature & Humidity : 20〜50℃, humidity 0 - 95%RH (non condensing)