CAT No.   X3301

Infrared (MIR) flame detector

Unsurpassed detection of fires from light to heavy hydrocarbon fuels combined with the highest degree of false alarm rejection

Division and Zone explosion-proof ratings

Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications

Includes three IR sensors with their associated signal processing circuitry.

Standard output configuration includes fire alarm, fault and auxiliary relays, with an isolated 0-20 mA output model with optional HART communication

Single detector for multiple hydrocarbon fuels

Superior performance in extreme condition applications and where background infrared radiation is a normal condition, such as offshore production platforms, offshore production ships, refineries, turbine enclosures, LNG/LPG, gas separation plants, marine and more

Explosion/flame proof (Ex d) or increased safety installations (Ex d e) in hazardous locations

Certified performance for multiple fuel types and fire sizes; EQP models available

  • Operating voltage: 24 Vdc nominal (18 Vdc minimum, 30 Vdc maximum). Maximum ripple is 2 volts peak-to-peak
  • Power consumption: 4 watts minimum (without heater), 17 watts at 30 Vdc with EOL resistor installed and heater on maximum
  • Relays: Fire alarm, fault and auxiliary contacts rated 5 amperes at 30 Vdc
  • Current output (optional): 0–20 mA (± 0.3 mA), with maximum loop resistance of 500 ohms from 18–19.9 Vdc, 600 ohms from 20–30 Vdc
  • Operating temperature range: –40°F to +167°F (–40°C to +75°C)
  • Storage temperature range: –67°F to +185°F (–55°C to +85°C)
  • Humidity range: 0 to 95% RH, can withstand 100% condensing humidity for short periods of time
Complies with FM 3260, EN54 certified, Certified SIL 2 capable, ATEX Directive compliant, IEC 61508, DNV