CAT No.   70321

EEBD (Emergency Evacuation Breathing Device) for safe evacuation from environments lacking normal breathing conditions due to smoke, fire, gas leaks, etc.

Flame resistant materials, silver color to reflect heat and for high visibility

Durable and reliable construction; low maintenance

Wide visor

Orinasals mask fits all face profiles

  • Face mask: Full-face hood with orinasal mask - fits all persons
  • Air flow duration: Steady air-flow for 15 minutes with sufficient air delivery rate
  • Visual access: Easy visual access to the pressure gauge
  • Working temperature range: -10°C to 65°C
  • Cylinder refilling: Easy to refill cylinder - no adaptor required
  • Ozone resistant: Non-irritant neck seal
  • Activation: Automatic activating valve – regulator
  • Valve features : G 5/8”F standard charging connector
  • Safety lock: Pull valve safety lock
  • Shock proof: Anti-blast pressure gauge
SOLAS Chapter II – 2 and MSC/Circ.849 approved; designed to meet ΕΝ1146:2005 & ISO 23291-1(2008)