CAT No.   OX600

Stand-alone monitor with audible and visual alarms (analog output is also available)

Intuitive three-color alarm display

Long life and reliable oxygen sensor

Three kinds of power supply are available: 100VAC, 24VDC, and dry cells (two AA batteries)

Remote sensor with cable length 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m are available (optional)

Pressure compensation to eliminate false alarm caused by pressure variation

  • Target gas: Oxygen
  • Sampling method: Diffusion or remote sampling method
  • Measuring range: 0‐25.0vol% ( 0.1vol% digit)
  • Preset alarm levels: 1st :19.0vol% , 2nd:18.0vol% (standard)
  • Alarm types: Two preset alarms (L‐LL)
  • Display: LCD digital display (3 digits, 3 color, Green, Orange, Red backlight)
  • Power source: AC100V±10% 50/60Hz / DC24V±10% / 2 AA alkaline battery
  • Body dimensions: approx. 80 mm(W), 120 mm(H), 35.5 mm(D)
  • Remote sensor dimensions: approx. 40 mm(W), 96 mm(H), 35.5 mm(D)
  • Body weight : Approx. 200g / Approx. 180g / Approx. 230g
  • Remote sensor weight : Approx. 55g (without cable)
  • Operating temperature & humidity: 0‐40℃(no sudden change, Below 90%RH(non‐condensing)