Constant flow, hood-based emergency escape breathing apparatus for safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments

Simple to put on, automatic operation, can be used with minimal training

Highly visible

Suitable even for people with spectacles or facial hair

When opened, the Saver CF is automatically activated and begins feeding a continuous supply of breathing air

Utilizes a simple, fail-safe reducer system with excellent flow characteristics, providing a consistent rate of air flow until the cylinder is completely empty. An alarm whistle sounds before the air supply is exhausted.

Can be equipped with cylinders that can hold either a 10- or 15-minute supply of air.

Flame-retardant hood incorporates a large visor for maximum peripheral vision

  • Face mask: Full-face hood with orinasal mask - fits all persons
  • Air flow duration: Steady air-flow for 15 minutes with sufficient air delivery rate
  • Visual access: Easy visual access to the pressure gauge
  • Ozone resistant: SE version includes a newly developed elastic neck seal which offers unparalleled resistance to the effects of high temperatures, ozone and diesel fumes, which are often found in places such as engine rooms
  • Activation: Automatic activating valve – regulator
  • Safety lock: Pull valve safety lock
EN1146 (2005), SOLAS , ISO 23269-1:2008