Complete, state-of-the-art personal safety system solution

Ready for telemetry operation with Dräger PSS® Merlin® System

Available with standard mechanical gauge, Tx gauge with Dräger Bodyguard® 1500 or Bodyguard® 7000 electronic monitoring

Comfortable yet highly durable shoulder and waist belt padding featuring a secure, high-friction surface to reduce slippage

Sliding and pivoting waist belt assembly

3-point height adjustment

Breathing hoses integrated into the backplate

Reflective and photo-luminescent hose sleeves for improved visibility

Quick release pneumatics, shoulder and waist belt assemblies for easy service and maintenance

Optional Quick-Connect cylinder system for rapid exchange in the field and in the workshop

  • Motion sensor & distress alarm: Dräger Bodyguard® 1500 or Bodyguard® 7000
  • Air supply: equipped with a regulator providing 1100 L/min
  • Mask: Double-role panoramic mask
  • Height-adjustable carrying system: 3-point height adjustment backplate
  • Ergonomic carrying system: Advanced harness materials and pivoting waist belt to keep PSS 7000 firmly in position
  • Versatile integrated hose routing: Gauge and air supply hoses are run through integrated channels in the PSS 7000 backplate
  • Wide variety of system configurations and accessories: Yes
EN 137: 2006 Type 2, vfdb 0802