High-performing breathing apparatus for firefighters

Combines comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance

Designed for applications where simplicity and ease of use are key essentials.

Lightweight yet robust

Extremely durable carrying system features new and innovative ultra lightweight, high strength carbon composite carrying frame which exhibits outstanding thermal, impact and chemical resistance properties

Suitable for use in all conditions

Easy and quick to don

Lightweight harness retains its form over a wide range of environmental temperatures and conditions

Materials have good chemical and abrasion resistance

  • Mask: Double-role panoramic mask
  • Ergonomically designed harness: Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Light, robust and simple to use: One of the lightest self-contained breathing apparatus carrying system to date
  • Easy to maintain and service: Major components are simple and quick to remove and re-assemble
  • Carrying frame: Innovative single-piece retention method; Medium pressure air supply and gauge hoses are integrated into the carrying-frame to reduce the risk of snagging and entanglement
  • Carrying system: Carrying system follows the natural contours of the body, for improved stability and reduced back strain, stress and fatigue
EN 137 2006 Type 2