CAT No.   U5015

The Det-Tronics® SmokeWatch™ U5015 Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector is a Class I Division 1, 2 and Zone 1 explosion-proof rated smoke detector that is suitable for hazardous, industrial, and commercial applications. This smoke detector has unique design that operates effectively in both smoldering and rapidly growing fires.

The photoelectric operation and signal processing features of the SmokeWatch U5015, along with Class I Division 1 and IP44 ingress protection certifications mean that hazardous areas now have crucial safety equipment available in places that previously did not have a choice of such high-standard devices


Trouble-free photoelectric operation

The hot-swappable sensor module is intrinsically safe and allows live maintenance while under power, without de-classifying the hazardous area

Self-checking circuitry ensures reliable smoke detection

Alarm, auxiliary, and fault relays for controlling annunciating devices or fire panel interface

LED provides a visual indication that an alarm has occurred

Operates effectively in both smoldering and rapidly growing fires

Photoelectric operation and signal processing features

Suitable for hazardous, industrial, and commercial applications. Ideally suited for classified areas in the petrochemical, oil, and gas industry

  • Operating voltage: 12-30 Vdc (24 Vdc nominal)
  • Power consumption: 3.5 watts maximum (2.75 watts at 24 Vdc)
  • Output relays: Smoke alarm relay, fault relay, auxiliary relay
  • Operating temperature range: –20°C to +65°C (–4°F to +149°F)
  • Operating temperature storage: –55°C to +70°C (–67°F to +158°F )
  • Humidity range: 5 to 95% RH
  • Ingress protection: IP44 ingress protection level suitable for onshore or offshore requirements
  • Current output: 0-20 mA (±0.3 mA) dc current, with maximum loop resistance of 300 ohms from 12-17.9 Vdc, 500 ohms from 18 to 19.9 Vdc, and 600 ohms from 20-30 Vdc
FM-approved for use in Class I, Division 1, and Zone 1 hazardous locations, FM-approved for smoke detection performance, IECEx Zone approved