Thomas Safety offers a range of services and solutions meeting the highest international standards in safety, environment, emergency and rescue.

We stand by your side minimizing risks to personal safety, environmental pollution and damage to assets and equipment.

Ensuring that your operations are consistently in full compliance with relevant regional and global regulations.

Helping you avoid regulatory fines and suspended activity.

Services include

  • Planning, installation and routine maintenance for your safety and environment systems
  • Customized equipment packages for every site
  • Periodic equipment servicing and certification
  • Equipment inspections to ensure integrity and compliance

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Real-time Safety Operations Management & Tracking

A unique cloud-based operations management and tracking tool for Thomas Safety customers. With a simple, user-friendly interface, the system allows you to keep track of all your safety and compliance documentation and procedures.

TrackSafety features include tracking regulatory documentation and certification; documenting and tracking events and tasks; reporting and tracking equipment faults and breakdowns; equipment and inventory management; and more

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Fire Safety

Thomas Safety offers the most advanced and comprehensive fire protection packages.

We accompany each customer from fire safety planning and equipment supply to installation and ongoing maintenance. Periodic equipment compliance checks are part and parcel of our service, ensuring that all portable and fixed fire extinguishers, fire detectors and personal safety equipment are operated and maintained according to legislated standards.

Our annual testing and maintenance services reduce personal safety risks and damage to ships – and prevent penalties for non-compliance with Fire Code regulations.

Fire Safety Systems

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

Installing fire stations on board, fully equipped with advanced portable fire extinguishers (dry powder; foam; Halon-BCF); hoses and hose reels; nozzles; and fire cabinets.

Annual maintenance service includes testing all firefighting equipment, refilling extinguishers, replacing expired equipment.

  • Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems  – Consulting, design, installation and service
  • Sprinklers – Design, installation and maintenance; Pump room maintenance
  • Automatic Fire Suppression Systems – Design and installation of FM-200 gas systems; Aerosol systems for electrical fires
  • Kitchen Vent Fire Safety Systems – Installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems in onboard kitchen vents, meeting UL 300, NFPA 96, NFPA 17A standards.

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Emergency and Rescue

The Thomas Safety team performs periodic for emergency and rescue equipment:

Breathing Apparatus

  • Compressed air breathing apparatus
  • Compressed air cylinders – Hydrostatic testing  and cylinder filling
  • Air quality testing  


CPR/Resuscitation and First Aid Equipment

  • Checking compliance of first-aid kits
  • Supply and service of medical oxygen cylinders; hydrostatic testing and cylinder filling
  • Checking supply and compliance and of oxygen regulators

Emergency and Rescue

Industrial environments require continuous protection against hazardous gas. We offer periodic servicing and maintenance for our gas detection and protection products:

  • Fixed and portable gas detectors
  • Hazmat/Level A chemical protection suits

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Environmental Monitoring

With advanced continuous emissions monitoring solutions, we help our customers take active responsibility for protecting the environment, meet regulatory requirements and standards, and improve operational efficiency.

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Lifting Equipment & Elevator Inspection

Our expert engineers conduct compliance checks for lifting equipment, pressure tools, elevators and cranes used in marine operations. Thomas Safety also offers consulting and planning services for elevator installation, maintenance and repair.

Our services are aligned with site management safety instructions and relevant safety standards.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Our predictive and preventive maintenance services allow customers to improve safety, reduce machine downtime, and cut maintenance costs.

Using state-of-the-art technologies allows us to offer our customers reliable acoustic and vibration analysis and consulting, modal analysis for rotating equipment and dynamic balancing.

We are open to performing periodic inspections for our customers or one-time projects.

  • Mapping transportation environments (e.g., conveyors, vehicles) that are affected by linear or nonlinear motion and time-frequency impact.
  • Preventive maintenance solutions for machinery wear and evaluation of bearing life. With a smart monitoring device, the customer is able to observe the machine’s condition remotely.
  • Monitoring wear in revolving axes, with mode and self-frequency evaluation.
  • Dynamic balancing using modal analysis for revolving machinery (e.g., compressors, motors and pumps).
  • Measuring input-output ratios for moving systems.
  • Modal analysis to determine permissible frequency ranges and modes of vibration in order to minimize cumulative damage and wear.
  • Self-frequency analysis to identify damage and wear in equipment and production lines.
  • Digital simulations for a range of products and systems, including finite element analysis.