Offshore Environmental Safety

Offshore oil and gas operations pose risks of explosions, fires and leaks that contaminate marine and coastal environments, damaging the environment as well as potentially harming workers, local populations and economies.

Besides prevention and safety precautions, offshore operators are required to dedicate maximal physical, human and economic resources to ensuring that damage is curtailed when accidents occur.

We are here to help customers meet regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiency while taking active responsibility for protecting the environment.

Thomas Safety offers a carefully designed suite of advanced product and service solutions with a commitment to the highest standards of quality, reliability and professionalism. All products are developed and produced by world-leading manufacturers and are Lloyd’s Register/DNV GL approved for offshore operations.

Monitoring Oil and Gas Production Emissions

Thomas Safety provides state-of-the-art systems for monitoring emissions from oil and gas operations according to IMO regulations. We provide systems that are manufactured exclusively for Thomas Safety by Modcon Systems, one of the world’s industry leaders. Modcon, a Siemens International partner, has branches in Russia, Romania, Azerbaijan, China, the US and the UK, and has been serving the market since 1972, representing a long list of global suppliers.

Our service specialists are well informed on emissions monitoring requirements and standards, and are able to advise and support each customer in determining site-specific goals. We accompany each site in the design, installation and servicing of the systems we supply. 

In-Transit Hazmat Leak Detection

Thomas Safety offers an exclusive solution for early detection of in-transit hazardous leaks in offshore operations that can damage the environment. The MOD-2100, a system developed by Modcon, combines advanced detection and communication technologies.  Its modular, portable, high sensitivity gas detectors are capable of measuring extremely low concentrations of matter. Remote monitoring and early detection ensure that hazardous materials arrive safely at their destination and that leaks are handled promptly to prevent potentially severe air pollution.

MOD-2100 features:

  • GPS
  • Real-time data transfer
  • G-force sensor
  • Digital electrochemical gas sensor
  • Remote settings control (via SMS)
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and corrosive environments
  • Water resistant (IP-68)
  • Access to real-time data from any geographic location

Portable and Fixed Gas Detectors

Thomas Safety’s services include customization, supply, installation, calibration and maintenance of portable and fixed gas detectors, in accordance with required standards. We provide systems that are approved for offshore applications, manufactured by industry leaders such as GMI, Environnement S.A, RIKEN KEIKI and others.

We ensure that enclosed spaces, cargoes and storage areas are equipped with the most suitable and effective detectors. Depending on site conditions and requirements, our gas detectors can monitor one or more gases, including flammable substances, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.

Full-Service Benefits

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Global support from our network of experts
  • Reduced downtime when faults occur
  • Replacement parts at lower cost
  • Regulatory and legal compliance

Flame and Smoke Detectors

The flame and smoke detectors provided by Thomas Safety are manufactured by Det-Tronics, a global leader in fire and gas safety systems for high-risk environments.

Flame detectors

For high disaster risk operations, where human life and valuable equipment could be lost, including off-shore platforms.

The detectors utilize flame detection technologies that are certified worldwide, enabling wide coverage, minimizing false alarms, and assuring relatively short response times.

Smoke detectors

Explosion-proof smoke detectors that work effectively in rapidly developing fires and in smoke fires without flames. Reporting faults and alarms in real time.